Friday Sep 21st, 2018


We live in a world with instant gratification: if you want to listen to a song; you can look it up on Spotify; feel like eating Indian food tonight; you can order it online and it will be at your door within the hour. Instant gratification isn’t on the table in terms of buying real estate in Toronto’s market. There isn’t a lot of inventory, which means a higher demand for great homes when they hit the market.

Sometimes a buyer needs to offer on several homes before they are successful in purchasing. Often the biggest challenge for a first-time buyer is remaining persistent in their efforts to achieve their goal of home ownership.

Whatever it takes, I will guide you to your dream home. In my experience clients sometimes face a difficult decision when they see a home that checks all of their ‘must-haves’ in the first home(s) they see.

Prices seem to go up each week so it’s important they have the knowledge they need in order to be comfortably decisive early in the game.

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