Tuesday Aug 4th, 2020


The correct selling price for your home is the highest price the market will bear.  As a real estate professional for more than 30 years, I have had ample experience helping clients sell their homes quickly and for the best possible price. In general, there are three factors that help determine the correct selling price of a home: homes that have sold in the last 6 months, homes that are for sale now, and listings that have expired in the past 12 months. Sold in the Past 6 Months The... [read more]

4 Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

Friday Jul 24th, 2020


Square footage determines how big a home is, but painting, furnishings and decorating can affect how big a home feels. Looking to make a small space feel bigger? A few simple cosmetic changes can help. Consider these four ways to make any small space in your home appear more, well, spacious.   1. Incorporate mirrors Create the illusion of expansive walls with the addition of a mirror. This elegant touch can save a room from art-overload, which happens when too much pattern and... [read more]

Staging your Home

Monday Jun 3rd, 2019


Home staging has become an important tool in helping to sell homes effectively. Renate Penkett RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp.,  provides a complimentary home staging consultation to my clients. This consultation focuses on improving the look and feel of a property and transforming it into an attractive product for sale.  Even beautifully decorated homes need to be turned into merchandised products that enhance the home’s best features.  The goal of staging is to sell... [read more]

Taking the Stress out of Selling your Home

Friday Mar 1st, 2019


For some people, the thought of listing their home for sale is stressful. They worry about all the things they have to do — and all the things that might go wrong. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some tips for making your home sale go smoothly: · Give yourself time to prepare. If you're thinking of selling six months from now, start preparing your property now. Do any necessary staging, and get it looking its best. Avoid doing these tasks at the last... [read more]

Finding a Home on a Tight Budget!

Friday Feb 22nd, 2019


Wouldn't it be nice if you had all the time in the world to find your next dream home? You could leisurely browse the current listings, select homes you'd like to see, schedule visits on dates that are most convenient for you, and make an offer on a property only after you've had plenty of time to consider all the alternatives. Sure, that sometimes happens, but it's not typical. Often, people shopping for a home are on a timeline. Sometimes a very tight timeline. So how do... [read more]