6 Things You Won’t Notice During a Virtual Tour

Wednesday Sep 30th, 2020


n spite of the pandemic, with its lockdown restrictions and sheltering in place measures, many of us are still planning on prospecting the market and buying a home. Luckily, virtual tours are becoming more common, and they can help you view a property before buying. But can they replace actual home viewings? Here are the 7 things a virtual tour won’t show you. Actual Property Size The only way to get a real feel for how big a house or an apartment is to physically... [read more]

How to Get Front-of-the-Line Access to Desirable Homes for Sale

Tuesday Aug 4th, 2020


As you've probably noticed, credit card companies regularly offer bonuses to get you to apply for their cards. For example, one such card company offers opportunities to buy tickets to concerts and other events ahead of everyone else. It's their "front of the line" service. When you’re searching for a new home, wouldn't it be great if you could get to the front of the line on desirable properties – before other buyers get the chance? Well, in a way,... [read more]

Buying a Home in a Competitive Neighbourhood

Monday May 27th, 2019


Imagine you’ve dreamed of living in a particular neighbourhood, perhaps for years, and then, when you're finally ready to make a move, finding out that the area is competitive and buying there is definitely a challenge. A disappointment? Not necessarily. There is a lot you can do to buy into a popular neighbourhood, even in competitive offer situations. Your first step is to start targeting that area now. Find out about property types, prices and trends. In particular,... [read more]

New Home? 5 Things You’ll Need to Buy Before You Can Move In

Saturday Sep 22nd, 2018


Paperwork & Services Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. Many first-time home buyers don’t realize how much paperwork is involved with the purchase of a home, and it doesn’t end with home inspections and appraisals. Before you move, it’s well worth arranging a home insurance policy for your new home. Arrange the policy to start the day before you move in, so that you and your possessions are covered on moving day. If... [read more]