The Early Bird!

Monday Jun 17th, 2019


You've probably heard the expression, "The early-bird gets the worm." It refers, of course, to those who get in early and reap the rewards. For example, if you arrive early to a retail store for a big blowout sale, you're likely to get the deals before the inventory runs out. The stragglers who come later miss out. Well, this same wisdom can be applied to selling your home. Starting the process early — even if that means simply doing some initial planning —... [read more]

When You See a Home You Love

Monday Jun 10th, 2019


Imagine driving through a desirable neighbourhood and, just as you turn a corner, you see the absolutely perfect home. Guess what? It's for sale! But, there’s a problem. Your current property isn't on the market. In fact, until this moment, you hadn’t seriously considered moving. So what do you do? Your first step is to find out more about the listing. Get a description of the property. Find out the listing price. Check out the size, layout, number of bedrooms and... [read more]

Staging your Home

Monday Jun 03rd, 2019


Home staging has become an important tool in helping to sell homes effectively. Renate Penkett RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp.,  provides a complimentary home staging consultation to my clients. This consultation focuses on improving the look and feel of a property and transforming it into an attractive product for sale.  Even beautifully decorated homes need to be turned into merchandised products that enhance the home’s best features.  The goal of staging is to sell... [read more]

Buying a Home in a Competitive Neighbourhood

Monday May 27th, 2019


Imagine you’ve dreamed of living in a particular neighbourhood, perhaps for years, and then, when you're finally ready to make a move, finding out that the area is competitive and buying there is definitely a challenge. A disappointment? Not necessarily. There is a lot you can do to buy into a popular neighbourhood, even in competitive offer situations. Your first step is to start targeting that area now. Find out about property types, prices and trends. In particular,... [read more]

How to Increase the Value of your Home through your Backyard

Tuesday Apr 30th, 2019


When it comes to making home improvements to increase the value of your home, just about everyone is aware that the usual kitchen and bathroom upgrades can make your home more appealing to interested buyers, but did you know that an enjoyable backyard can also help increase the value of your home? In fact, upgrades made to your backyard can help sell your home well before potential buyers ever even step inside. When making improvements to your backyard, I believe that the following upgrades... [read more]

Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of your Home

Wednesday Apr 17th, 2019


First impressions matter. So even though we thought very carefully about how to describe your home in its listing – using such words as “spacious,” “bright,” or “immaculate” – when prospective buyers drive up, that first glimpse they get is worth more than a hundred fancy adjectives. You want your home to pop, to stand out from the dozens of other homes on the market, but you don’t want to break the bank in the process. No worries.... [read more]

Spring Home Improvements

Thursday Apr 11th, 2019


Spring is a great time to shake off the winter blahs and undertake some home improvements/inspections. Here are some popular renovations/inspections that can help boost your home’s appearance and your home’s value this spring. Hardwood Flooring Hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular. The spring is a great time to replace carpet with hardwood. The fact that carpet can hold dust, dirt and microorganisms, especially after winter, means the spring is an excellent time... [read more]

Taking the Stress out of Selling your Home

Friday Mar 01st, 2019


For some people, the thought of listing their home for sale is stressful. They worry about all the things they have to do — and all the things that might go wrong. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some tips for making your home sale go smoothly: · Give yourself time to prepare. If you're thinking of selling six months from now, start preparing your property now. Do any necessary staging, and get it looking its best. Avoid doing these tasks at the last... [read more]

Finding a Home on a Tight Budget!

Friday Feb 22nd, 2019


Wouldn't it be nice if you had all the time in the world to find your next dream home? You could leisurely browse the current listings, select homes you'd like to see, schedule visits on dates that are most convenient for you, and make an offer on a property only after you've had plenty of time to consider all the alternatives. Sure, that sometimes happens, but it's not typical. Often, people shopping for a home are on a timeline. Sometimes a very tight timeline. So how do... [read more]

Inviting Kitchens

Friday Feb 15th, 2019


At the end of a long day at work and school, many families gather around their dining room table to share the details of what they’ve done as they enjoy a home-cooked meal. This idyllic setting is of course only made possible by a hard-working cook and a well-equipped kitchen, which is an essential part of any home. That’s why I recommend taking a good look at both the existing features and the future possibilities of the kitchen in any home one might find when... [read more]

7 Reasons why you should not Buy or Sell without an Agent

Friday Feb 01st, 2019


You don’t necessarily need an agent to buy or sell a home, but if you think you’ll definitely be saving cash, you might want to think again. In fact, not taking advantage of the services offered by real estate agents could cost you thousands of dollars!  Many people don’t know what an agent can do for them, and prefer to rely on the Internet instead. If you’re undecided, check out the following reasons why you should never buy or sell without an agent, and... [read more]

Buying your First Home

Friday Jan 25th, 2019


Buying a home can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Owning your own home is a joy in itself, at Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc., we aim to have the entire process joyful, too. For first-time homeowners, the task of finding the right property can be challenging. There are many considerations that one must work through. First-time home buyers can get muddled up in the complicated world of real estate.  This article is meant to ease the journey of buying your first... [read more]

Buying A Condominium

Wednesday Jan 16th, 2019


As aging baby boomers enter retirement, many are opting for the hassle-free lifestyle that condominium living offers. The condo owner no longer has to worry about mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway or the maintenance issues that come with owning a home. Indeed, based on the new construction starts for condominiums in the GTA, it appears builders have the same bullish mindset. However, owning a condominium also has its own set of problems that differ from home... [read more]

Creating the Ideal Working Relationship with Your Agent

Friday Dec 21st, 2018


  If you're working with a landscaping contractor, you want to develop a good working relationship with that professional, so you can avoid delays, stress and other issues. After all, the last thing you want is a tree planted in the wrong spot because of a misunderstanding! The same holds true when working with a real estate agent. Whether you're buying, selling, or both, you want the process to go smoothly and successfully. Creating an ideal working relationship with your... [read more]

Are Home Improvements a Wise Investment for Sellers?

Thursday Dec 20th, 2018


Many sellers who I encounter want to know which improvements would be worthy of undertaking prior to putting their home on the market. I will share with you studies that reveal the approximate percentage of investment you can expect to get back when you sell your home. The highest return on your investment is remodeling your kitchen. The seller typically will see a 95% return. Although a renovated kitchen can yield a good return, it also can require a significant... [read more]

How to make your home more Valuable

Monday Dec 03rd, 2018


If you are thinking to add more value to your home, but you are not sure how, here is a short-list of some of the best ways to do so. 1. Kitchen Yes, the kitchen is still No. 1 when it comes to the value of your home. If your kitchen is woefully outdated, a complete renovation could be a good investment. Chances are you can get away with some cheaper alternatives. Today’s top kitchen trends include stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and an open layout. Fewer upper... [read more]

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Remodelling your Bedroom

Friday Nov 23rd, 2018


The bedroom should be among the coziest spaces in your home, not to mention the best room for your perfect reading nook. And while it may not be top priority when it comes to renovations, it’s important to get things right when the time to remodel it does come around. Whether you’ve bought a fixer-upper or simply want to enlarge or improve your current space, remodeling your bedroom can be an exciting project to undertake.  However, as with any renovation there are pitfalls... [read more]

What To Inspect Before You Purchase

Friday Nov 09th, 2018


Whenever you are in the market for a new home, there are a few things to keep in mind in regards to the home’s inspection. Knowing what to look for with an inspection before you purchase is essential to avoid potentially costly repairs and necessary upgrades. Foundation Always conduct a thorough walk through of both the interior and exterior of any homes you are interested in purchasing yourself. Check the base of the walls along with the ceilings in each of the room. Check the... [read more]

House Hunting: New Construction vs. Older Home

Friday Nov 02nd, 2018


Location & Lifestyle When choosing between old and new homes, location can be the biggest factor that drives your decision. Resales are typically found in built up, established neighborhoods that enjoy a full infrastructure. Local amenities such as shops, schools and access to urban transit are likely to be close by, as well as green spaces. If you’re looking to live in the hustle and bustle of a city center or an established neighborhood, a resale is your best bet. New builds... [read more]

Home Appraisal vs. Home Inspection

Friday Oct 26th, 2018


What is a Home Appraisal? A real estate appraisal is a detailed report into the monetary value of a home. An appraiser will indeed carry out a home inspection, though it’s far less thorough than that carried out by a home inspector. This is because they’re essentially looking for different things. Typically, an appraiser will visit the home for 30 minutes or so, checking numerous elements around the place, including the plumbing system, potential structural... [read more]

Some House Hunting Red Flags!

Wednesday Oct 24th, 2018


If you’re looking for a home and you already narrowed down your search to a few properties, it’s time to start digging a little deeper. Researching the neighborhood, the history of the property and going to see the house in person are all necessary steps if you want to make the best decision.  This process should make it easier to spot all the red flags. While some issues are minor and should not stand between you and your dream home, the following problems are very... [read more]

Winter Checklist!

Thursday Oct 18th, 2018


If you’re an Ontario homeowner, you’ll want to do all you can to prepare your home properly for the coming weather. It’s important to examine all areas of the home and think about what you should do before the first frost. Properly preparing your home for winter has many advantages. It will help you spot potential areas of weakness before further, more serious problems develop. This sort of preparation can also help you reduce your overall heating bills. Few things are more... [read more]

Will a Mould Problem Lead to Health Issues?

Friday Oct 05th, 2018


Homeowners want to protect their family, and mould, which may be hard to detect and even more difficult to eliminate, can exacerbate existing health issues. It is important to address the issue early on to avoid the possibility of worsening heath issues in occupants. An Overview About Mould in Homes There are many types of mould that may grow in a home. Some may be visible and easy to find but even with those that are not, it is possible to detect the presence of one or more types of... [read more]

New Home? 5 Things You’ll Need to Buy Before You Can Move In

Saturday Sep 22nd, 2018


Paperwork & Services Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. Many first-time home buyers don’t realize how much paperwork is involved with the purchase of a home, and it doesn’t end with home inspections and appraisals. Before you move, it’s well worth arranging a home insurance policy for your new home. Arrange the policy to start the day before you move in, so that you and your possessions are covered on moving day. If... [read more]

5 Common Moving Mistakes

Saturday Sep 22nd, 2018


Buying a home can be exciting, but moving to a new house isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Indeed, most first-time home buyers find it downright frustrating. This typically stressful time may involve frantically phoning around to ensure that all legal matters are taken care of, while simultaneously packing your life away into boxes.  However, by keeping an eye on the following 5 common mistakes, moving to a new neighbourhood or to a new country can be a relatively smooth... [read more]


Friday Sep 21st, 2018


We live in a world with instant gratification: if you want to listen to a song; you can look it up on Spotify; feel like eating Indian food tonight; you can order it online and it will be at your door within the hour. Instant gratification isn’t on the table in terms of buying real estate in Toronto’s market. There isn’t a lot of inventory, which means a higher demand for great homes when they hit the market. Sometimes a buyer needs to offer on several homes before they are... [read more]


Friday Sep 14th, 2018


For some reason we all want to be experts and we’re afraid to ask for help. For first-time buyers making the right connections early can help them focus their search within their budget, and help them avoid disappointment. Knowing where you stand financially, emotionally, and beyond in terms of your home search can help you make the next steps more easily and with considerably less stress. Speak to good Realtors. Speak to Mortgage Advisors. Sit down with professionals to learn what... [read more]


Friday Sep 07th, 2018


We’ve all heard about the real estate bubble. The media constantly talks about the bubble bursting, and how home values are inflated. The market will always vary, and it’s not easy to predict the intricacies of the market. This is why we assure our clients that we will decide if this the right time for them to buy together: Our job as Realtors is to consult with our clients to ensure that they are ready to purchase a home, financially and emotionally. Through working... [read more]

Simplicity and Symmetry Make You Calm

Thursday Aug 30th, 2018


Our brains are funny and complicated organs. We may never completely understand how the brain functions, but there are studies that show how the brain reacts to symmetry, and it’s a positive reaction. Our brains love symmetry! We realize that it may seem silly to say that placing matching end tables with matching lamps beside your sofa will make you happier, but there is some psychological proof to achieving balance in your interiors and how it can make you feel... [read more]

Minimalist Interiors are good for you!

Monday Aug 27th, 2018


Emerging research is showing that your homes lighting, space, and room design can affect how you feel. These studies have lead the creation of a new field of architecture called, Neuro-architecture. This is a very exciting, innovative development whereby neuro- science is combined with architecture in order to create modern designs that are effective, functional and even possibly healing! Here are a few home designs that could be causing your bad mood: If a room is too... [read more]

The Truth about Realtor.ca

Wednesday Aug 22nd, 2018


So maybe you’re a realtor.ca addict. Or maybe you’re just starting to think about buying a home in Toronto. You probably already know that www.realtor.ca can be painful to use. Here’s what you probably don’t know: There are limited search functions on realtor.ca – a real estate agent can send you just the listings you want to see The newest listings are NOT on realtor.ca. There is a delay between when... [read more]

The Outside Needs to make a Good Impression

Thursday Aug 16th, 2018


  Everyone appreciates a home that has a well-maintained exterior. Keep it looking great by adding simple flowers like perennials and small shrubs like evergreens. If you really want to keep it well maintained, look into getting a sprinkler system installed so it will automatically become more green and bright. If your lawn looks dull and a little yellowish, try a turf builder that will re-grow those areas to really make it look brand new. [read more]


Saturday Aug 11th, 2018


There are more things to consider than just schools when buying a home in Toronto. Prices are still ebbing upward in the city, and school rankings can have a significant impact on the price of a home and its future value. In fact, many homebuyers now begin the hunt for a new home by looking at the quality of the local educational establishment. Investing in a home within reach of a good school can mean significantly higher resale values, and homes there tend to sell more quickly. In tougher... [read more]


Saturday Aug 11th, 2018


Buying a home is a big decision, no matter what stage of life you're in. But for families with children, there are many more things to consider. Every parent is looking for a safe neighbourhood with easy access to parks and recreational activities, but there may be nothing more important than finding a home in a good school district. Fortunately, there are a number of resources families can use to find the best fit for them and their children. The Province of Ontario's Education... [read more]

Give the Main Washroom a New Look

Thursday Aug 09th, 2018


If your main washroom has cracked tiles, old sink/toilet this can damage the home buyer's perspective when first walking into it. Replacing those first should be your main priority. Secondly, give the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint to give it a fresh look. Nobody likes those old style washrooms with wallpaper.    [read more]

The Kitchen Will Always be King!

Thursday Aug 02nd, 2018


You have probably heard by now that the kitchen is definitely the best option for increasing the value of your home. It will always give you the most return for your money. The kitchen is considered the heart and soul of every home, and it definitely deserves it. It's where you usually first sit down with guests that walk in and start your conversations. People with older kitchens will usually replace old cabinets with new modern ones. As well as putting in Granite or Quartz instead of the... [read more]

Questions to Ask a Contractor before Hiring

Thursday Jul 26th, 2018


  It’s renovation time, and, as part of your preparations, think about the last time you hired someone to rebuild or remodel your home. There was probably an initial phone conversation, followed by a site visit where you were probably given a quote for the project and a discussion of a timeline. Then, they showed up to start the job. You may have asked them for testimonials or photos of previous work. But did you ask if they had their own insurance? According to experts,... [read more]

5 Ways to Improve your Home's OQ for Less

Thursday Jul 19th, 2018


When getting a home ready to sell, most homeowners focus on interior upgrades and fixes. But what’s on the outside counts, too. Lawns, walkways, patios, gardens, doors, and windows all play a role in the livability of a home – and its salability as well. Thinking of selling soon? Here are five ways to boost your home’s Outside Quotient (OQ), courtesy of a Williams Ski & Patio infographic: For an investment that could range from $300 to $1,000, you can undo the... [read more]

6 Ways to Create an Attractive Home Office

Thursday Jul 12th, 2018


  Share A home office is on its way to becoming an essential item on a house buyer's wish list. After all, many people work at least part of the time at home — and even if they don't, they still want somewhere to store the computer and their household papers. Here are some tips to help you create an attractive home office that you'll actually want to spend time in. An attractive place to work A home office doesn't have to be just functional —... [read more]

Summer Container Plants Will Help Sell Your House

Thursday Jul 05th, 2018


Container plants are an easy way to give immediate visual impact to your home, creating that important curb appeal - the "wow" factor as potential buyers pull up outside. Here are some important tips to make sure you use containers effectively. Use big containers Don't be afraid of using big, bold containers. They will have much more impact and will be easier to care for because they won't dry out so easily. Smaller containers tend to get lost in the landscaping, so... [read more]

Do I need a Home Inspection?

Saturday Jun 02nd, 2018


  Too often, buyers forgo a home inspection in an effort to save time and money. This is not the place to skimp. A home inspection is a crucial step in the home-buying process. Keep in mind the option to perform a home inspection is included in all standard real estate contracts. This should be a clue to buyers that it’s important. A home inspection reveals any issues that are a safety concern or affect the value of the property. It allows the buyer to discover what items... [read more]

Taking Possession of your House

Monday May 21st, 2018


You’re almost a Toronto homeowner! Closing is the point at which the ownership and possession of the property are transferred from the seller to you. It takes place once all the legal and financial obligations have been met. Closing the purchase will be a team effort: in addition to yourself, your lawyer and your lender will all be involved in helping close the deal.  [read more]

Conditions and Deposit

Monday May 21st, 2018


Conditions are requirements within the Agreement of Purchase and Sale that must be met for the sale to go through. In your offer, you may have included a financing condition or a condition on a home inspection. And of course, you’ll need to submit a deposit–an amount up to 5% of the purchase price, which is held in trust until close. Once the conditions have been met, the agreement is firm, and now it’s just a matter of waiting for your closing date. And of course,... [read more]

Making an Offer

Monday May 21st, 2018


  Congratulations! Your house hunting efforts have paid off, and you’ve found the right home for you: it satisfies your wants/needs, it’s in your price range, and it feels right. The offer process is both exciting and nerve-wracking. We begin by drafting the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). The APS is a legally binding document which contains everything from the price you are prepared to pay, to the inclusions you want (washer/dryer, big screen TV), to your... [read more]

House Hunting

Monday May 21st, 2018


  Now that you’ve pre-qualified for a mortgage, narrowed down your search and picked a great Toronto Realtor to work with, it’s time to start looking at listings and houses. While realtor.ca is a good place to start, your real estate agent will send you custom listings that match your criteria. House hunting will involve screening listings electronically, previewing properties online, and then finally going out to look at homes. This is your opportunity to get a... [read more]

Choose your Realtor

Monday May 21st, 2018


Buying a house or condo will likely be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make – but don’t worry, you don’t need to do it alone. You’ll want to start by choosing a great agent to guide you through the process. You’ll also need a lender to take you through your financing options, and a  lawyer to help with the legal aspects of the purchase. There are thousands of professionals out there of varying quality, so ensure you look for someone who... [read more]

Make a Wish List

Monday May 21st, 2018


Knowing what you need and want in your home is critical. What are your must-haves, your nice-to-haves, and your no-way-absolutely-nots? How many bedrooms do you need? What kind of outdoor space do you want? What about counter-tops, appliances, and floors? You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want. Of course, the location will be a big decision – what Toronto neighbourhood makes you feel at home?  [read more]

Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage

Monday May 21st, 2018


The first step to buying a house or condo in Toronto is finding out how much your bank is willing to lend you. When you pre-qualify for a mortgage, your lender will look at your income, your debts, your downpayment and your credit history. The pre-approval should be in writing and will include a guaranteed interest rate (usually valid for 90 days). Pre-qualifying will ensure that you know how much mortgage you can get, which in turn will help you know what price range of homes you should... [read more]

Buyer Beware: There are Dangers to Buying Privately!

Friday May 18th, 2018


  Purchasing a property for sale by owner (FSBO) may make sense to many; because the seller doesn’t pay real estate agent commissions, the price should be lower. However, buyer beware. There are downsides to purchasing an FSBO. According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors®, fewer than 10 percent of FSBOs are actually sold. Why? There are any number of reasons, ranging from sellers not knowing how to price the property to potential problems with... [read more]

Canadians Embracing the Smaller Home Movement!

Friday Apr 27th, 2018


The small house movement may be coming to a neighbourhood near you, proving that “bigger is better” is not necessarily true. Having a bigger space to fill, a bigger mortgage to pay, and a smaller disposable income make having a large home unrealistic for many young professionals and families.  In an article in homify.ca, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association suggests that Canadian homes have long been among the world’s largest, at 2,300 sq. feet (213.68 sq.... [read more]

House Purchase

Thursday Apr 19th, 2018


Before you start looking for your home there are a few things to line up in advance. Do you need  mortgage? It is possible to secure a mortgage for your purchase of a home in Canada prior to your arrival. I can refer you to my most trusted and eperienced financial experts. These speciaists can let you know based on your individual criteria  how much mortgage you will be eligeable prior to making an offer on a property. You will also be advised of the documention you need to... [read more]

How Do I Choose the Right Neighbourhood?

Friday Apr 13th, 2018


Location, location, location — goes the saying about what’s important in real estate. Most home buyers start by looking for a suitable area. The following tips will help you find a neighbourhood that feels like home. Priorities Set priorities about things that matter most to you and your family: Is safety a prime concern? Are you looking for vibrant nightlife? Do you need to live close to work? The best purchase is usually a trade-off among several... [read more]

Relocation to Ontario

Friday Apr 06th, 2018


I offer personal one-on-one services providing a trusted solution for investors from overseas when searching for properties for living, family or investment in Ontario, Canada. I assist purchasers looking for property ranging from the luxury sector to market-entry properties. I have developed a niche market working in international relocation and investment, and have a global perspective and network.  As an antidote to big corporations and agencies,... [read more]