Simplicity and Symmetry Make You Calm

Thursday Aug 30th, 2018


Our brains are funny and complicated organs. We may never completely understand how the brain functions, but there are studies that show how the brain reacts to symmetry, and it’s a positive reaction. Our brains love symmetry!

We realize that it may seem silly to say that placing matching end tables with matching lamps beside your sofa will make you happier, but there is some psychological proof to achieving balance in your interiors and how it can make you feel content.

This connects back to our argument about minimalist homes—they are usually simple and symmetrical in design and layout, thereby giving you a happier outlook when you walk in the door. Personally, clutter makes me stressed to the max! When these feeling hit, there is a quick-fix—tossing out all the clutter. The minute the clutter starts hitting the trash can, feelings of  relaxation and organization take over. Do you have these same moments; ones where you absolutely must get rid of the clutter in order to feel more calm and relaxed?

Perhaps, we should all consider embracing a more permanent minimalist approach to our home design?

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